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We all want the masks removed, literally and figuratively. 

Don’t we? I mean, we all want to be healthy and safe, so we wear them to protect ourselves and others, but when all things viral have been brought under a sense of control and the world returns to some semblance of normal, we all long to breathe free and see the faces of those we know and those we don’t.  

But in life, we have other types of masks we wear for many of the same reasons, right and wrong. We wear masks to feel safe. We wear masks to keep others safe from our fears. We hide behind the fabric of lies that we hope will prevent others from seeing the real us.

And yet, underneath the cover of ambiguity we ache for real connection: to see and be seen.

To experience this kind of freedom, we do have to gauge our vulnerability. We don’t open up fully to everyone. We can be most open with safe people, mostly open with known people and should be authentic with all people.

What masks are you wearing that keep you feeling safe or keep others from knowing you? Achievement, activity, aloofness and even anger can be masks that hide our fears of failure, ineffectiveness, acceptance, and pain.

James 5 encourages us to be honest with each other about our struggles and Paul talks about being vulnerable with each other in 2 Cor 6. Take some time to do you own study of these passages and others.

Maybe it’s time to remove some of those masks around people you trust and who love you.