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Countless stories depict a soldier in battle turning to God as a last resort, or a businessperson who’s caught between a rock and a hard place finally yielding to God’s influence. Perhaps you’ve found yourself out of options, in a place of hopelessness, even despair. So, you finally shift towards God. Maybe you’re there now! 
You may feel guilty about submitting to God only when nothing else works. You try new options, share with friends, read ‘self-help’ books, or even seek counseling. But nothing seems to fit. Consequently…you turn to Christ and pray – “help!” 
At first, it may feel a bit mercenary – to use Christ that way. But wait. Don’t feel so bad. In fact, the Lord wants you to do all you can to use the talents He’s given you. In the final analysis, though, Jesus is never sad when you turn to Him…as the first step or even as a last resort, when nothing else fits. The fact is that you know you need Him. And you turn in honesty and transparency. It’s the attitude of your heart that most encourages God -- that you will turn to Him and find hope in Him. When nothing else fits, it’s good to know God welcomes you!