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Are you familiar with the monkey trap? It's quite simple. Take a melon-sized gourd and secure it to a rope and stake it to the ground. Cut a fist-sized hole in it and put a golfball-sized fruit inside. When the monkey reaches in to take it, his hand will be too large to pull it out, but the monkey will not let go and is now trapped.

Escape is simple. Just let go. Easier said than done. We have the same problem.

It seems simple enough. Let the Holy Spirit have open access to your life (Rom 8) and keep praying about everything (Phil 4). Let go of the control and allow the Spirit to lead. How hard is that? Very, but it's one of those things that requires little effort to do, but a lot of effort to not do. It's the same thing with praying. Praying is easy. Not trying to fix everything ourselves is difficult.

God gives us the opportunity to lay it all at His feet and take on the easy yoke of Christ (Matt 11).

Lord, help me use more effort doing it your easy way and less effort not doing it my hard way. Holy Spirit, I give you permission to fill me. Help me to pray throughout the day about all of the stuff that I want to control and can't and give me the peace to put the things I worry about into your hands.