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When you get the chance, take a long look at the tall radio and microwave towers that dot the landscape in the countryside. They loom large and thin, like giant needles. Ever wonder how they stay standing so straight? Can you image what would happen if the network of cables that hold them upright were to break? There's no way they could remain vertical without those cables.
Torrential winds and stormy skies often come, but the network of cables holds each tower straight and steadfast. 
So, who are the people in your life that serve as your network? You know, the ones to whom you are tethered that hold you straight and strong when the winds of life get stormy and precarious. Admittedly, there's no way you could remain upright without them. 
Consider those godly people whose love for Christ would keep you strong in your faith and straight and true in your commitment to reflect Christ’s love.