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Frenchman Michel Lotito has an iron gut.

For some reason Lotito likes to eat metal. Over a period of twenty-five years, says writer Rosie Mestel, Lotito has eaten eleven bicycles, seven shopping carts, a metal coffin, a cash register, a washing machine, a television, and 660 feet of fine chain.

Lotito says it wasn’t easy eating his first bicycle: “I started with the metal and moved on to the tires,” he recalls. “It was really difficult to stay that extra day to finish off the rubber. Metal’s tasteless, but rubber is horrible.” Now Lotito swallows pieces of tire and frame together.

But none of that can compare with his biggest meal: a Cessna. That’s right, Lotito has eaten an entire light airplane, 2,500 pounds of aluminum, steel, vinyl, Plexiglas, and rubber.

With a meal like that he cuts the metal into pieces about the size of his fingernail and consumes about two pounds a day.

Most people would agree that Michel Lotito has an unhealthy appetite.

When we first come to Christ, we have appetites just as unhealthy. New believers need to change their appetites from what is not food at all to what is true food for the soul.