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I don't want to grow weary in the waiting. I want to watch in wonder. God may belay our plans or requests, but He always has a purpose in the pause, but most of the time it is simply an opportunity to flex our faith.

Delayed gratification is a lost art. So much is instant these days. No one likes to wait for anything. I actually got a little frustrated the other day when I was told my glasses would take two weeks. Especially when I had to pay so much for them. Staring at a computer screen to compile data ticks me off until I realize that it would take me hours, if not days to gather that kind of information.

It takes time to build strength. There is no shortcut to that. Muscles do not become strong overnight. I want my faith muscles to be strong, but I don't like the process it takes to get there. That is why I don't pray for patience. Time is God's tool for testing our tenacity.

I drove home the other day, not really thinking about it, and realized when I got there that I didn't remember driving there. That's scary, but muscle memory is a funny thing. When we do something long enough, it becomes natural. I want waiting to become as natural as driving home. If that means things will take a little longer, so be it. Lord, help me to watch in wonder as I wait for you.