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At the time, my daughter was just a few months old. My fear ran rampant when I considered leaving her for several weeks on an outreach trip to Venezuela with my church. After all, we had just established our bond as she experienced all things new. Would she even recognize me upon my return?

My team surrounded me at the airport when we arrived back at LAX. Quickly gathering our luggage, we traversed our course through customs and the crowds for the much anticipated if not worrisome welcome home. My wife arrived early with our daughter in tow.

To my delight, my baby girl immediately squealed at my sight, flailing her arms with excitement when she saw me coming. There was not a dry eye in the group, least of all mine, as we witnessed her enthusiasm. My fears had not been realized. Quite the opposite…I could not have dreamt of a warmer homecoming.

Wow. I can only imagine the warm reception we’ll experience when we return home to God and the emotions we’ll feel when we catch a glimpse of our Heavenly Father.