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Christmas is upon us! You’ve probably had a lot of people ask you the usual question: “Are you ready for Christmas?” The general assumption is that we all get stressed out by the time crunch – year end academic assignments, work demands, the hand-off of various responsibilities in preparation for our impending absence, PLUS shopping, travel plans, cooking… “Are you ready?” 

When somebody asks you that question, they probably mean, “Is your shopping done? All gifts bought? Travel plans secured? Caught up on your assignments?” All external elements of managing your schedule. But what about your heart? Your mind? Your soul?
I cannot think of a time that caring for one’s soul is more appropriate. Our quest is not about having our schedule well ordered, or shopping all done. It does have to do with the condition of our souls and the journey we are on as we pursue flourishing, wholeness, and joy. This is the time to be thinking, and reflecting – Are we ready for Christmas? Is my heart open to a fresh coming of Christ? Am I actively reflecting on the condition of my soul? Am I experiencing flourishing? Wholeness? Joy? 

You may or may not have all your shopping done. But if you are reflecting, thinking, and open to God’s grace in Christ, then you are ready for Christmas – and you can say “YES!” the next time someone asks you!