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How many times do you use the phrase, “I love you” in response to some action that someone has done for you? Or better yet, think about how easily you say you love something because of how it tastes, or performs, or helps you. “I love this car – because it’s so economical.” “I love my prof because she’s so clear.” In each of these scenarios, your love is responsive love – it is dependent upon the performance of another person or object. Yet, when the performance fails suddenly, you no longer love the car, or the prof. 
God’s love for you through Jesus Christ is motivating love, not responsive love. It is not dependent upon your performance at all. God is love – that’s his nature. So, God loves you whether you perform well or not so well. You don’t have to live like you are earning God’s love for you. God was motivated to reach out to you not because of your performance, but because it is God’s nature to love. May you rest in knowing this deep love of God for you!