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Imagine sitting in seat 14c of an airplane preparing to take-off from LAX for Dallas.  The pilot’s voice on the intercom states…"Ladies and gentlemen, it's a great day to travel. Today, we'll leave LA, travel east on the 105 freeway, head north on 605 to the 10, and then east to Midland, TX where we'll pick up Interstate 20 for our final leg into Dallas. We should arrive in about 28 hours if traffic in Phoenix and El Paso isn't too bad!" 
You'd probably think the pilot was crazy! You are securely fastened into a seat on an airplane. Airplanes are not meant for the highway. They're awkward on land and they don't navigate city streets well or roll very fast on the surface. Airplanes are meant for the air! It isn't until they race down the runway and get airborne that they become what they were meant to be. Fulfillment is in breaking free and taking to the air. That's what an airplane was meant to do.
Perhaps your personal journey is equally grounded. You're in the airplane – you've declared that God is in your life – but living into your full potential is another matter. It isn't until you race along your daily path in partnership with Jesus, placing your confidence in the Holy Spirit for each moment, that you become what God intended for you to be. Soaring in faith, free from the bondage of fear, complete wholeness on your journey – that's what God intended for you.