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They put the whole car on the tow truck and drove off to the mechanic. It wouldn’t shift into “drive.” 

The engine started; the lights operated; the motor ran perfectly; the brakes worked…everything was fine – except it wouldn’t shift into “drive.”  So, the whole car went to the mechanic for repairs. It didn’t go to the junkyard…there was no need. Just a single part of the car was broken. A lot was right. Yet, that one thing needed attention.

You may come to points on your journey when you feel like you want to “junk it all.” It seems like the one thing that is broken keeps everything else from happening. Your life is on hold; your heart is on edge; your dream is just beyond reach.  But wait…there’s a lot right. While you focus on that one thing, God is always there to help you see your life the way He sees it – whole. Sure the Holy Spirit will help you with that one part, but never forget that God’s view of your life sees the breadth and perspective of the whole. Perhaps you may ask Jesus to give you that perspective as well!