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God is birthing something. I shouldn’t be surprised. That is his modus operandi. He’s got it down to a science. The God who never changes is in the business of change. He has to be. It is built into the fabric of humanity. From the moment we’re born we are in constant flux. Growth and learning would not happen without change. New life is what God started. New life is what God gives. At that center of hope is the belief that things will change…for the better. Salvation is a new relationship with our creator. Heaven, as we will know it is not what exists now. It’s not even under construction yet.

God loves to make all things new, establishes a new covenant, gives a new commandment, use new wineskin, preaches new life, renders a new creation, initiates new birth, speaks a new name, sings a new song, and always, always, always reinvents a new way for us to encounter him.

The question is am I ready for what will happen next?