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You've attempted every possible solution. You’ve invested more time, more training, more energy, more money…you just can't seem to succeed. 
Every way you turn you find your plans frustrated and at a dead end. At that moment, it's awfully easy to become completely discouraged, even to the point of despair. You're left with nothing to hold on to; nothing to secure your heart; nothing to give you hope. So, you either get angry and do something you later regret, or else you just shrivel up and withdraw into isolation. But wait! There is another source of hope. 
Oh, it may not eliminate the challenges you face, but it will secure you against discouragement. The love God has for you does not depend upon your success. And if God loves you, then there is always hope! Believe me, God DOES love you. The accounts you find in the Bible are all about how much He loves you and why Jesus came and dwelt among us. Moreover, God's extraordinary love is the reason Jesus died on your behalf.
I invite you to quiet your heart and be reminded of the love of God for you – today.