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Unbeknownst to me, Sean Connery, the famous dashing actor who played the glamorous role of 007 in six James Bond movies, would be filming “The Rock” at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, the same day and location in which I proposed to my wife, offering her a “rock” of our own…one she still wears on her finger 27 years later!

In his career, Connery traveled the world to shoot movies in many exotic places. He also worked as the executive producer of films, a position of considerable power. Yet, when asked in an interview why he continued to act well into his senior years, Connery gave a surprising reply: “Because I get the opportunity to be somebody better and more interesting than I am.”

Think about that. Many of us feel like Connery. Our lives aren’t all that we long for them to be. In a practical sense, we aren’t flourishing as God intends. Something is missing that even glitzy acting roles cannot fulfill.

My wife and I are reminded that Jesus, our true rock, came to provide us the only means by which we can hope to experience “life to the full.”