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You learn to expect certain behavior from your co-workers or friends. You can almost predict what they will do when a situation arises. Why? Because they have acted in a way that establishes a pattern. 

You’ve watched them over time; you’ve experienced their behavior in many other situations before. You see the qualities they bring. Based on that you begin to expect, predict, or even have faith that they will act in a certain way in the future when circumstances come up. Whatever they do they will bring those same qualities. 
During this week, I am hopeful that you will remember the ways God has been involved with people for generations – and perhaps yourself personally. Remembering the qualities God brings to the situation will allow you to see a pattern. Seeing God’s faithfulness in the past will help you to exercise faith in the coming weeks. When Christ comes into your situation, you can expect what his behavior will be, what characteristics he will bring. You can even have faith that it will be so.