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The announcements keep coming that the flight is delayed…again and again, progressively worse – first 30 minutes, then 15 minutes, and finally by another hour.
The flight is now 3 hours behind schedule and your connection for your flight home will be impossible to make. 
The airline has promised to transport you to your destination…just not on your schedule. It’s out of your control. You either let go and accept that your safe return will eventually happen, or you allow anxiety, anger, and blood pressure to rise since your own expectations have been frustrated.
God has promised to guide you, care for you, and bring you into fullness of life. The apparent delays and diversions along the way may seem endless. Most of them are out of your control. Accepting them is hard because we so desperately want to control our own destiny. How easily anger, anxiety, and tension seem to rise! Yet, as we intentionally welcome God’s grace and trust Him in His timing, He will eventually bless us with “life to the full” in Him.