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Have you ever felt like you're always making a deal with God?  You know, like in the movies, when the guy says, "God, if you get me out of this mess, I'll become a pastor!" 

Of course, there's always some extenuating circumstance and God holds up His end of the bargain, but the guy figures a way out of his. 

Well, maybe you've made similar deals that if God will "get you through" this heavy time and assignments, you'll do something. The nice thing about a relationship with God is that you don't have to barter. Jesus Christ already did that. God is just interested in your attention. He longs for you to acknowledge your love for Him and allow him to be part of your life -- any part. 

Don't put yourself under the guilt of a broken promise or a last-ditch deal with God. Quiet your heart and invite Christ into the center of your journey -- whether it's tidy or really messy right now.