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As you navigate the pressures of your graduate program, do you find yourself focusing exclusively upon your desired outcome -- graduation, better pay, promotion, new job, greater respect, fulfilled life goal? It’s common to concentrate your attention and energy on that which is before you. Your life is stretched as you try to maintain family and vocational responsibilities while tackling your academic assignments. 
All that adrenaline and intensity hones your concentration, ensuring your peak performance as you complete your tasks. It's a lot, I know. Your efforts are focused on the top of your iceberg…your activity and performance. It's what people see, and what you can measure. However, please don’t neglect the bottom of the iceberg. 
The bottom is your identity. It's your foundation, your character, your soul. 
People can't see it, but it makes up 90% of who you are. What is seen in you arises from that solid base. Consider trusting Christ to bring wholeness and peace to your heart. Doing so will provide you stability and balance in your hidden soul.