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Some of us are preparing to graduate this coming Saturday. Congratulations! This milestone marks the end of a long journey of hard work and sacrifice. 

Over these past years of our program, we’ve encountered many new people and experiences. For many of them, we are grateful, glad we were privileged to enjoy the connection. For some, perhaps we wish we hadn't. Harsh, right? But, honest.

May I encourage us -- whether we are graduating or not -- to embrace all of these?

We must see these connections not as hindrances or distractions, but as building blocks that have shaped us and made us who we are today. God will use all our experiences to form us. If we trust God to be the architect of our lives, each one of these will be an important part of who we become. If we allow Christ to work each of these for the transformation of our character and virtues, we will more fully realize our potential, becoming the world-changing difference makers APU endeavors to produce.

May God's Spirit be close to you this week!