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It's easy to make resolutions that are full of good intentions for better behavior. Goals, projects, and great ambitions. Within a couple of months after New Year’s, though, they can become overloaded with the reality of daily living. Don't be surprised if after a few weeks the luster of new resolutions becomes a bit dull. 
The one thing that does NOT need to grow dull, however, is your character. 
As you allow Christ to become a part of your life in every circumstance, He will shape you more and more into His image. Your faith in Christ is not something that happens only when you make a resolution. It goes on. The effect of a transformed character will influence everything you do whether it is a new resolution, or an old circumstance you've been struggling with for months. Faith in Christ is a daily walk of trust and confidence that He who has begun a good work in you will keep doing it until it is complete.