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I hope this week is a good one for you -- and one that is all mixed up! 

Don't panic. I don't mean mixed up in a hurtful or bad way. Neither do I wish upon you any confusion, or even an ounce of additional stress. We just have a tendency to try to keep our lives fully compartmentalized. We separate our education from our job from our family from our spiritual engagements. This results in having to "juggle" these multiple silos of our life. Exhausting!

In reality, the power of abundant living occurs when these get "all mixed up."  That's called "integrated." I recommend starting with the spiritual. Let Christ become fully integrated with all other dimensions of your life. Also, let the integration be full - one aspect of your life affecting and informing the other. There's fruitfulness in a life that is truly center and assimilated, a richness that leads to a powerful and fulfilled life. I pray you live a fully integrated faith and life -- all dimensions of it.