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Most of us automatically operate on a calendar that begins on January 1.  But as you think about your walk with God, you might like to know that Advent – the season of preparation for the coming of Christ – is the beginning of the Christian Church calendar.  It makes sense that the birth of Jesus would start it all. Advent is the time of preparing to receive Christ; Christmas is the time to celebrate the coming of Christ; Epiphany is the time to be enlightened at the reality of Christ; Lent brings us to sober reflection in response to Christ; Easter gives us a time to celebrate new life in Christ; and Pentecost reminds us that living for Christ requires help from God’s Spirit.
Later this week, we will begin Advent – take moments in your day to prepare your mind, thoughts, schedule, and attitude for Christ to become more real than ever before in your life. Reflect on what it means for Christ to be in you. “Jesus, I want you to be more seen in me this season.”
We’ve installed our Advent Prayer Stations at each of our regional campuses and will be availing them to you through the end of Advent. At our Azusa campus, they will be available in the foyer of the Mary Hill Building on West Campus.