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I hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful start to 2020 and the new decade. I also hope that you’ve found some brief, but special moments for centering yourself in the love of God…especially as you’ve considered the many blessings God has given you. Advent, Christmas, New Year's -- all have provided opportunities to be reminded of God’s kindness to us. 

Now, as you go forward, one day at a time, make note of God’s goodness all around you. Let that bring you confidence and deep thankfulness even when things aren’t as you had hoped. Praise God for the relationships that are in your life that provide you encouragement and fulfillment. Perhaps most of all, be aware of the grace of God working in and through you – it’s like oxygen for believers, empowering us to walk faithfully and virtuously – and for His loving presence that will surround you.

My prayers are that you don’t miss an ounce of the goodness that 2020 holds in store, and that you see with fresh new perspective and crystal clarity all God is accomplishing.